Our process

Surface Renew uses a five-part system to restore your deck

step 1 Deck Cleaning: We analyze your deck to determine if your deck needs a commercial grade cleaning detergent or a chemical stripping agent to remove previously failed finishes. We use the best commercial grade deck cleaners on the maket, though we use a variety of cleaners, we prefer oxygen based deck cleaners. Sodium Percabonate is an ingredient that is registered with the EPA as a mold and mildew remover. The purpose of cleaning your deck prior to restoration is to remove contaminants such as dirt, oxidation or graying, mold, algae and prep the wood to accept a new stain.


step 2Deck process 2Stripping: Removal of previously failed finishes is critical to a quality deck restoration. Oil-based deck stains are meant to penetrate deep into the wood fibers for maximum protection. If you have not removed a previous coat, it is possible that the stain will provide little to no protection and form a thin layer on top of the wood rather than penetrate. When this happens, typically your deck is prone to flaking and peeling in a short amount of time. When a finish has started to fail, it is best practice to strip the wood down to its natural state prior to brightening and/or staining.

step 3As needed, we set all nails and screws that are loose to prevent twisting or cupping. Any nails that are loose are removed and replaced with stainless steel deck screws.

step 4Brighten Your Deck: Commercial-grade cleaners are caustic in nature and raise the PH level of the wood. For best results, a wood brightener must be applied after a cleaning or stripping. This step is one of the most overlooked steps in deck restoration, however, it returns wood to its natural look and neutralizes the cleaning-stripping compound so that the deck does not darken.

Deck process 4
step 5We Stain Your Deck: After properly prepping your deck for a new coat of stain, we continue the project by applying a premium-grade deep penetrating oil stain. Every deck we stain is hand brushed for superior quality.

Deck Process 4