Grand Ravines Dog Park

Grand Ravines Dog Park

There are plenty of options for dogs and their owners in Jenison, Michigan. There’s the Shaggy Pine Dog Park, the Red Oaks Dog Park, and even the Pack Indoor Dog Park. All are located in the city of Ottawa County. Read on to find out more.

Ottawa County Open Space Lands

Ottawa County Parks and Recreation has been working on developing the Grand Ravines park for decades. It is one of the most unique sites in the county’s system. It is located next to Grand Valley State University’s main campus in Allendale Township.

This park has a fenced off-leash dog area. It is open 7 am to 10 pm. The park is free for the public. There are also a dog wash station and water fountains.

This park has recently undergone major improvements. It includes a new suspension bridge that crosses a ravine. The park has also been improved with entrance improvements, a park lodge, and a small trail.

This park has a dog park, which is the county’s first enclosed off-leash dog park. It is located in the South section of the park. It features separate sections for small and large dogs. The park is also home to the Fillmore Barn, a popular backdrop for photos.

This park is also a part of the Grand River Greenway Initiative. The project is dedicated to conserving lands adjacent to the Grand River.

Shaggy Pine Dog Park

The Grand Ravines Dog Park is a hidden gem. It boasts a small but well-maintained dog park with multiple sections for different sized dogs. They also have a few other amenities to occupy your and your pooch’s time. The park is located near Grand Valley State University and the Grand River. The best part is it’s free.

Aside from the dog park, they have a spa and several amenities for humans, too. One of the most impressive is the one-acre, well-manicured off-leash dog park with the usual suspects including benches, trash cans, and a few kiddie pools. The other noteworthy feature is the dog-friendly cafe. They serve coffee and other beverages, and have restrooms for humans and dogs. The site is also home to the aforementioned “Doggy Mountain,” a large dog-friendly climbing structure.

The site also has a nice array of hiking trails. Most are flat, but there are some steep sections that give a glimpse of the surrounding scenery. The site has also recently remodeled their restrooms, which are well-stocked. More about Grand Rapids here.

Red Oaks Dog Park

If you’re looking for dog friendly parks, Michigan offers plenty of options for you and your pooch to enjoy. You can find everything from parks located along a river to grassy fields in rural areas. In addition to offering a great way for your dogs to play, these parks also provide a place for you to relax with your pet.

The Ottawa County dog park is a fenced in area where you and your dog can spend some time playing together. This dog park has separate sections for big and small dogs, as well as a playground, grills, benches and a shelter. You’ll also find a drinking water facility and a dog wash.

The Ottawa County dog park is surrounded by nature trails and will soon include a fenced in area for walking your dog off the leash. The park will be open to the public, but you’ll need a dog license or vaccination.

If you’re looking for a dog friendly park that’s close to the city, the Grand Ravines dog park is a great choice. This park has several amenities, including street light illumination and a paved parking lot.

The Pack Indoor Dog Park

If you are looking for an indoor dog park in Michigan, The Pack is the best place to go. The facility is climate-controlled year-round and includes a restaurant. It also offers activities and events for both people and dogs.

There are separate areas for small and large dogs and a dog wash station. There are also water fountains and walking trails. The park is very well maintained. There is a suspension bridge that spans the river.

The Pack offers food and cocktails. You can also purchase a punch card and receive five visits. You can even order an unlimited annual membership for $250. Those who want to take their pet to the park for a day will be able to find a variety of activities.

The Pack Indoor Dog Park is open to all types of dogs, both small and large. The facility offers a restaurant, bar, and full-service doggie day care. You can also enjoy classic wines and rotating drinks on tap. Find out more!



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